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NEOGEO mini International

The NEOGEO mini International – Our Review, Plus a Closer Look

Oct 12, 2018

Simon Moore

It’s no secret that the NEOGEO machine we know and love is back! SNK have released a miniature version of the console, packed with 40 classic NEOGEO titles. We’ve been addicted to playing the NEOGEO mini for weeks now so we thought we’d share our thoughts on it!

The Look
First things first. How great does this machine look? Standing at 152mm high, it’s a smaller yet equality as nostalgic looking piece of kit! Since there are no CDs or cartridges to worry about, the compact design is ideal for saving space in the home. The small but crystal clear 3.5 inch display is perfect for desktop gaming, and the lights at the joystick’s base are a great touch!
The controller pads are reminiscent of those released for the earlier NEOGEO CD home system – perhaps the only difference here is that the mini’s control buttons are in a slightly different configuration. We’ve put them to the test and got used to them almost immediately.

The Feel
Although the NEOGEO mini is not a full-size arcade machine, it packs quite a punch. It feels sturdy to use, and the speakers on the front are small but mighty!
The classic arcade controls have an authentic feel to them and are easy to use, even for large hands. We’d recommend investing in a couple of the official NEOGEO Control Pads so that you can sit back and relax while gaming on your TV, especially for multiplayer and co-op games!

The Games
The NEOGEO mini comes pre-loaded with a whopping 40 classic SNK titles. From Metal Slug and Shock Troopers to King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown, there’s something for all tastes. If you’re a NEOGEO enthusiast, the mini is the perfect way to collect and play a long list of games cost effectively – no rare or expensive cartridges required.

So what are you waiting for?
The NEOGEO mini console is available now on our website! Don’t forget to pick up your accessories and stickers too. Stocks are limited, so hurry!
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