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The Hygienie Hands-Free Door Opener is a foot-operated solution that helps keep employees, customers and visitors safe – no need to touch shared door handles. Hand hygiene is more important than ever. Reducing common touchpoints goes one step further to reducing the transmission of bacteria and viruses from person-to-person.




Made from construction grade anodised aluminium for good and long service, the Hygienie Hands Free Door Opener is a foot operated solution that helps protect employees, customers and visitors from the transmission of germs via direct skin contact when using door handles. With hand hygiene now an essential part of everyday life, this zero touch solution greatly reduces the risk of person-to-person viral and bacterial infection.

Once installed, place your foot over the serrated edge of the Door Opener. Pull your foot back and the door will open, allowing you to walk through without touching the handle. It couldn’t be easier! The Door Opener is suitable for use by people of all ages, and can be operated in any type of footwear. To ensure safe operation, take extra care if wearing open-toed shoes. Not recommended for use with socks or bare feet.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Prevents viral transmission
  • Ensures your customers and employees feel safe
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No maintenance required
  • Robust metal design for durability

Instructions For Use


Fits to inward opening door so user can pull door open with foot. If an automatic door closer has been fitted, it may be beneficial to reduce the tension to enable the door to open easier – refer to the instructions for your door closer. Select the location – see diagram opposite. Ensure door can open freely without snagging or catching on flooring, furniture or other obstructions. Ensure that the operation will not cause any obstruction in doorway or injury to users or passers-by.

  • Position the opener in the selected location.
  • Mark the position of the centre fixing hole on the door.
  • Drill a 6mm hole through the door.
  • Fix Door Opener with the screw and recessed nut.
  • Check door opening operation with existing handle.
  • Mark the position of the remaining 2 screws.
  • Drill a pilot hole with a 3mm drill.
  • Fix Door Opener with the two screws.
  • Fully tighten each screw before testing product for operation.


This product is designed to fit to non-latching doors only. Ensure the use of this product does not cause obstruction or injury hazard to users, children, passers-by, pets or property. Please take care when using product with open-toed shoes. Do not modify or use if damaged. Do not fit to fire doors if it compromises the operation. Designed to be fitted to wooden doors, if unsure refer to the original manufacturer. Clean with dry cloth or brush, water or detergent. Check screw tightness as part of your general periodic maintenance.