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  • Soft head support device, that stops children's heads from bobbing when they fall asleep on the go
  • Simple to assemble and easily connect to any car seat or high-back booster (suitable for front facing seats only)
  • Adjustable head strap to support all ages and sizes without any discomfort
  • Crash tested and fully compliant with all required EU and US safety standards

Sleep Comfortably On The Go

A soft head support device, which stops the child's head from bobbing when they fall asleep on the go.

Easy To Fit

It easily connects to any car seat and high-back booster. NapUp is made up of two parts, the base that is attached to the cat seat or high-back booster and a head strap which connects to the base with high quality Velcro. 

Comfortable and Safe

Our patent-pending head restraint, which makes gentle contact with the forehead only if the head begins to fall is best characterized by innovation – like “No Sweat” panels for maximum air circulation – and complete compliance with safety standards.

Machine Washable

NapUp can be machine washed in cold water on the delicate cycle. There is no need to take out any parts before washing, as even the snaps on the product are rust-proof.

At NapUp, we have been very strict in choosing extremely high quality materials so that the product is as safe, and as comfortable, as can be.We have tested NapUp at a well known, international laboratory and found it to comply with global safety standards.

NapUp conducted various crash tests for head, chest and neck safety, as well as for side impact, under the US – FMVSS 213, NPRM 213 , EU – ECER44 and was found to fully comply with the safety standards. These tests were done at the acclaimed US Calspen organization, where leading car seat company's run safety tests on their product, including all car seats, booster seats and infant carriers.

The US Federal Safety Standards tests showed that the addition of the product did not alter the way the car seat or high back booster will perform in a crash.