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2-Player Sports Accessory Pack

The perfect accessory pack to take advantage of multiplayer games on your Nintendo Switch. Includes are 2 x Joy-Con Steering Wheel Adaptors, perfect for head-to-head battles in Mario Kart 8; 2 x Tennis Racket Adaptors for those grand slam tournaments in Mario Tennis Aces; and 2 x Controller Adaptors for straightforward FIFA play offs and 2-player Call of Duty Co-op action.
  • CONTENTS: 2 x Steering Wheel Adaptors, 2 x Tennis Racket Adaptors, 2 x Game Pad Adaptors
  • Perfect for multiplayer family action
  • Simple clip in functionality for all official Joy-Con controllers
  • Compatible with both standard Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED
  • Not suitable for the Nintendo Switch Lite