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Bring your Switch Sports games to life with an added sense of realism and competition. Included in this pack are a pair of rackets, for use when playing Tennis or Badminton, a pair of leg straps for football and a pair of sword batons when playing chambara. Simply clip in your joy-con controller to the required attachment and you are ready to play like the pros. All the attachments feature a lightweight design and come complete with security wrist straps to prevent any flying controller accidents! Great for use with Nintendo Switch Sports but also handy for other motion-controlled sports games. Joy-con controllers not included.
  • 6-in-1 joy-con controller extensions for Nintendo Switch – includes 2 x Rackets, 2 x Swords and 2 x Leg Straps
  • Injects realism and a competitive edge to games
  • Great for use with Nintendo Switch Sports and other motion-controlled sports games such as Mario Tennis
  • Quick and easy to set up featuring a lightweight ergonomic design suitable for all ages and size
  • Retains access to all joy-con controls, buttons and triggers and includes wrist straps for added security